Worlds made it clear. Teleport needs to be removed from game and Marksman role needs Buffs!

I will gladly welcome back the ignite era. Like Revive, TP needs to be removed. EDG just picked 3 teleports. Even the adc went with that rather than heal. Which brings up another issue, that of Marksman's. EDG just picked jayce adc with teleport and FNATIC picked kennen adc. we all see mordekasiers in place of adc. At start they built ad mordes. then trinity+tanky/ap, but now they just build them full ap without even trinity. Things are getting out of control with this meta more than ever before. We no longer see assasins in this game. Riot literally deleted them. Champions like Brand and Anivia have their base damage and ratios unchanged since their release and now they just deal immense damage even if build tank. I Wont even mention Veigar... And then Riot decides to make a new patch, and what. They nerf vayne -3 AD. Kappa
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