Buff Thornmail or remove it

I think the thornmail should be buffed, with the upcomming remake of ADC's, alot of champions dealing true damage in basic attacks or onhit effects I feel like the tanks are fading out of the game entirely and not just the meta. Too many carry champion either deal % damage in basic attacks or true damage in basic attacks. For now Thornmail is the one item in the shop you look at, think it's a great idea to use and sell once you realize Fiora just heals 3 times more than your thornmail returns making it quite pointless to have when you can rather have Frozen heart and get mana and slow some attackspeed, Randuins omen for HP, armor and slow or sunfire cape for pushpower and contanst light damage. So I suggest you buff it so it's atleast punishable to just flail your arms at a tank and kill it in seconds when it got 300 armour and 4k health alone without any actual punishment to it or remove it since it is quite useless.
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