Xerath ult is very bugged. Please fix.

So. I am a Xerath main in EUNE and this really annoys me. When I use my rite of arcane with Xerath (the ult) if i shoot the first ult instantly I see the projectile that flies halfway to where it should and then disappear completely. Then I can only shoot two more. So the problem is that if I use my rite of arcane if I shoot my first cast instantly it doesnt work like it should. It shows just the projectile fly to halfway and then disappear mid-air. I have experienced this many times and it appeared around patch 5.5 release. Before that if I used my first cast instantly it worked like any other cast and flew normally. Thanks for reading and I would really appreciate upvotes so Riot employees could see this as soon as possible. Riot I'm begging you to fix this bug as fast as possible.
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