Solution to Devourer Yi

So we have all been there where you click on the death recap and see yi 1k true dmg. So today i present to you a solution that also raises yis skillcap a bit. E = Wuju Slash Yi slashes his sword in a cone in front of him dealing x physical damage. For every enemy hit yi gains an empowered basic attack that deals x true damage. While highlander is active yi strikes in a circle around him. Also while highlander is active the slash does not stop his movement for a short period like some abilities do. The range would be just a bit longer than his auto attack range so when he is chasing he can still hit the enemy despite the pause in his movement. This change would bring a lot of changes to yi and add some mechanics in to his simple kit like timing the slash with double strike for added dps and such. Some negatives could be the maybe faster jungle clear but other than that i dont see many others. Leave your opinions below but i might not answer to all of them and i apologize for possible bad grammar in this post.
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