Can we update the client to check if you're disconnected or if you exit?

Constantly being penalized and getting "attempting to join queue failed" messages after the client quits out as I get into champ select. I am at no point to blame for this, my internet is running smoothly, every other program runs absolutely fine, the league client just straight up decides to freeze for whatever reason and then I have to wait 5 minutes to play a game, or 15 if it decides to do it again. _Why are you punishing players for trying to play the game?_ Can we not just take a step back and think about how to work around this, I understand that afkers have to be punished and such but when _THE CLIENT ITSELF CLOSES FOR NO REASON_ why am I to blame. Instead of updating the client to look fancier and have new news posts can we make it work first?? (I understand this isn't an overnight job but why is this such a consistent problem for "the biggest online game in the world to date") And no, it's not just my computer, all my friends experience the exact same issue all the time.

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