[Flash] Should it be removed and other options

Hello every one. Lets talk about flash. Flash is a mandatory summoner spell, every one uses it, unless you are a shaco jungler running ignite or a TP Ghost Hec top. The point is there is only 1 summoner spell option to choose from. I would like to play in a world were flash ins't a thing but i know some of you, who have been playing this game for so long would miss it. So here is what i propose, instead of nerfing it more, you would need to choose. Teleport, Ghost or Flash. Ignite, Heal or Barrier. Cleanse, or Exhaust. Smite. **Another one:** Teleport, Ghost, Flash or Ignite. Heal, Barrier, Cleanse or Exhaust. Smite. I like the second option better, making you have to choose, do i need flash this game or must i take ignite to win lane? Should i take teleport so i can help my team? Should i take heal to stay longer in lane vs cleanse to survive CC chains, do i need exhaust to kite fighters better? What do you think? I think the game would be more interesting instead of seeing Flash + something every game. With this change there is room to buff summoner spells so they can be more powerful or have less CD and still have a strategic choice.
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