[Suggestion] Rework of the friend-request system

Recently I presonally, a lot of my friends and I guess almost every active LoL player has recieved random friend requests. These requests are not send by human player but by bots, they do this to advertise their stuff (most of the time it are scams). I guess most of you knew this already but what the solution to this source of frustration? A rework of the friend-request system! **** **Limited friend-requests** Players will recieve a restricted amount of friend requests based on their level. Here is an example: Levels 1 - 3: 4 invites Levels 4 - 10: 10 invites which will reset every 24 hours (optional) Levels 11 - 30: unlimited invites Since level 1 - 3 accounts will only have 3 invites in total, meaning that they will not reset until reaching level 4, players will not be able to spam invites to every LoL-player out there. Since level 3 in easily reached with bot games this will not punish any new players. They can play full premade and add their closest friends. After reaching level 3 there is still a restriction and this is for a reason. Maybe, in some universe, people will be able to make bots to play bot games to actually reach that level 4 mark and still spam. This won't be possible with a restriciton until level 10. Players will have 10 invites every 24 hours, plenty enough to add their old/new friends but not enough for spammers to spam every LoL player with invites. This one could be removed, since it isn't essential, being able to send unlimited invites at level 4 would also help a lot already, this is just safer. After reaching level 11 you'll have unlimited invites (like everyone has now). **A 'flag' button** Adding a buttong where you can mark spammers with will make it easier for Riot to track them. After a player recieved a certain number of 'spam flags' Riot will take a look at it (or an automated system will evaluate the player) and take appropiate actions. It's an simple but effective solution. To prevent abuse you'll only be able to mark someone as a spammer when they actually send you a friend request. **** **These were my 2 idea's, if you any other good idea's feel free to comment below and I'll add them to the community list!** **** **Community idea's:** * Zerelous - implement a 'captcha' system. Whenever you add a friend you'll have to identify yourself as a human. **** **If you have any constructive feedback feel free to post a comment and if you like this idea and want it implemented give it an upvote!** TheLUCKYfighter {{champion:45}}
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