Honest HUD Feedback

After playing 2 games with the new HUD, I closed LoL with a huge headache. (Edit: played quite a few more, the points below still remain as problems. They are not just a kneejerk reaction) There are a lot of things I may get used to. Such as different spots for different information on my screen. But here is a list of things that REALLY suck and won't get better with time: - Health bars of allied champions in the HUD. It used to be in the top left and I could easily keep an eye on the health of my allies, spotting when they are in trouble. Now that it moved to the right side, it is impossible for me to see anything. My screen is over 50cm wide, yet a health bar of my allies makes up for less than 1cm. And reading how much mana allies have left? Nope. - Too many flashy things. My abilities don't need fancy flashes when I level them up. I leveled them up, that's how I know I leveled them up. I don't need an animation to tell me so. I don't want items to get greyed out when they are unusable (on CD or full on mana/hp). It is extremely distracting and much more difficult to see the item in the inventory when glancing over it. I also don't need to see what enemies are currently dead. Having 7 flashing numbers on my screen does not serve ANY purpose whatsoever, ESPECIALLY since the icons for which champions are currently dead are darkened out and SO small that even when they are not dead it is not easy or intuitive in any way to figure out which champion is which. I would love for all of those things that just clutter my view and give me epilepsy to be optional features. It gets even worse with champions such as Gnar. A blue border flashing during the ENTIRE game. Honestly this is just aweful. - Resizable Shop and Game Status (the things that shows all items of all champions). It is nice that you believe that the game status should be small so you can quickly throw it up to see what is going on in the game without losing much visibility of your current screen, but it makes reading the game status much more difficult. Whereas the shop is the only thing that is REALLY big on my screen and could be half the size. - summoner spells are way less intuitive. With normal cooldowns you at least get a feeling when they are back up, but summoner spells generally have a longer cooldown, so they are even more important to see when they are back up, and making them smaller and adding them to the flashing clutter instead of seperating them from the other stuff does not help. I attached a screenshot to illustrate my point. You may be able to read the health bars over the minimap when looking at the screenshot, but if you have only a split second (keep in mind, 50cm+ screen width so you have no time to turn your head, you have to look at it from the corner of your eye) the only thing you CAN see is "all 4 allies are alive". And reading how much mana someone has? No way. No way at all. TL;DR: PLEASE allow me to get rid of all the flashing stuff. Of greying out items. Of showing useless icons and death timers that cannot be identified. Give me back bigger health bars of allies (and none of enemies). Increase the font of the numbers for k/d/a and overall kills. Bigger icons (the screenshot shows 100% size on everything btw). The space between items and minimap is dead space anyways, put the summoner spells there instead. Let me resize shop/game status windows. Thank you, a very concerned player with a huge headache P.S.: I sincerely hope the current announcer voice is just temporary. I don't enjoy playing with the announcer muted, but sadly have to.
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