I'm sick of new champion select trolls!

So, let me say just one thing: I'm sick of theese people who pick "Support" to dodge the 15 min waiting time, pick in a no-brain champion, go support and then says: "I'm not support". I mean, really? Why people think it's okay to dodge the consequences of your role. Can riot implement somekind of punishment for people who just troll? [](https://i.gyazo.com/2cd1745772aedf53210888cae3afdc9b.png) Here's what happened with me: We enter the lobby, our "support" picks Katarina and says: I'm not supp. Then we just start arguing, i'm saying go support because that's your role, you have choosen it, then she just starts saying i'm not listening to you, i don't care and i'm not support, i just dodged 15 mins from the queue. What's the point in this? I mean, why you want to ruin other people's games? Here's what i'm thinking about: There should be a report at the end of the game, for people who avoid responsibilities for their own role they have choosen and just troll around. I'm okay with Katarina bot if they are premades or something, but alone just picking support while not supporting is very childish. Another thing: People who pick champions in the correct meta, role or form should never be available for this report, it could be optional for people who only play like talon support or bard adc in rankeds. This is the end of my rant, leave your opinions or ideas below.
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