@RIOT Are there any plans for fixing Bard?

Ever since Bard came out he turned out to be one of the weakest supports ever, his skills sure are interesting but he has so many weakpoints compared to other supports. his basic attack range of 500 makes him unnessecarily weaker than other supports, you should be able to at least have the average base range when you are in the lane helping your ADC. Secondly his mana costs are rather high, meaning that instead of dashing through the jungle at high speed you often have to restrain from using your portals in order to help your lane. I do understand that the chimes should solve this, but because they spawn at random places you can easily be unlucky and therefor useless. And what about his ultimate? the range is rather small and so is the area, at least make it instant or make it go further and be bigger... I was and still am really excited about Bard, but whenever I play him and see the same old meta supports as I often just lose because I picked a ridiculously weak champion, so once more my question: Are you aware of the problems with Bard and willing to buff him in the (near) future?
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