Queue dodging?! LP loss

So i'm probably not the first to moan about this however, in the old client when a game is found the accept box pops up, on this one it doesn't. Secondly once in champion select and it's your turn to ban or pick a champion it also used to pop up, but again it now doesn't. This is a pain because when you're scrolling the boards or watching a video and it doesn't pop up you get kicked. Now iv'e just done this twice in a row because it's such a bad habbit and iv'e lost 10 LP and a 30 MINUTE waiting time?! I'm all for the 2-3LP loss but 10?! And a 30 minute wait time? that's stupid. Does anyone know if they've purposely done this because quite frankly it's the only downfall to this new ranked system. I'm not the only one of my friends who have complained. So far from this i've lost about 30 LP. You may just say 'Well just wait in champion select' we all know how tedious it is and just watching a 2 minute You tube video or whatever shouldn't be punished by losing massive LP amounts. Any suggestions?
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