why do the last 3 picks get the bans in new champselect? help the guys that probably get countered!

in soloqueue, i would highly prefer to have a ban when im 1st or 2nd pick rather than when im last pick when there's a much higher chance that i can counterpick. without teamwork in champselect, being 1st or 2nd pick is sometimes a burden. and in my opinion swapping with strangers is not a valid option since they can fail. happened too much to me already :P just 1 example. as support its a pain to 1stpick leona as long as morgana is still open. lets not talk about that matchup though, pls ;D EDIT: since so many people dont understand: 1. getting an early pick is no advantage or "lucky roll" anymore since you get your position anyway 2. not giving early picks bans because they can already be happy to have better chances at picking the (at that moment) OP champs should not be a valid reasoning since we are generally aiming for balance, right? 3. giving the bans to picks 1, 2 and 3 (nobody said we want all the bans back to one person) would mean that the bans are used to actually support the lanes that are going to be played and not to ban what the community thinks is OP at that point (that might be idealistic i know) and the 4th and 5th pick are being able to counterpick (not always but with much higher chances). ... might continue later
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