Lux ult not doing damage sometimes!!!

Hello, Recently I've been noticing that Lux' ult doesn't always deal damage anymore. I'd think none of her spells deal damage sometimes. I was playing TT vs ekko, nautilus and xin. They were bashing in on my teammates and I threw my full combo on them... 0 damage. (once) about 3x, I ulted ekko and no damage... It seems to happen most often when I have them snared in my q. At one point, Ekko himself said: LOL! Me: My ult hit didn't it? Him: Yeah, idk what happene. Sooooo... yeah, that point was a definite confirmation for me. Now, I was just spectating my bro's match. He was playing lux, had 2 ppl in his q, ulted, and;;;; NO DAMAGE! Kind of weird, aye? This seems to have been happening since patch 5.18.
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