Listen we know support is the most needed role

but a 100% chance of getting support when you put it as your secondary just makes us lie about our secondary role making the problem worse was the whole point of dynamic queue not to make sure you got your primary role more often? I had a higher chance of getting jungle in old draft pick. I, like most support secondaries, do not mind playing support half of our games, but 99% of the time? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? this can not be what was intended the queue should spend at least 1 minute trying to find primary role first. Getting support after a 5 second queue time makes me feel like the system didnt even bother looking for my primary, it just sees "secondary support" and automatically places you as support regardless how many games you've played on your secondary role before that game until riot fixes this im never putting support as secondary unless i actually feel like playing support and even then i will still put it as secondary because what the fuck difference does it make? and before some smartass points out that i should have just not putting support as secondary all along, does it really seem right that i have to risk getting my 3rd best role, just to have a chance at getting my best role? how does that make any sense like i said it was easier for me to get my primary role in draft pick which seems to fly in the face of the entire reason why riot introduce dynamic queue to begin with
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