Nerf this...

I read too many "Nerf this shit" and "OMG NOOBCHAMP" threads. So i started to combine these threads to 1 big "Nerf-Suggestion". I start with A and i'll end with Z. In this thread are my thoughts too. {{champion:103}}s Charm duration is too high. {{champion:84}}s damage on her Q, E and R are too high. And her Passive needs a Rework. {{champion:22}}. They gave her a Minigun. {{champion:51}}. Her range is a bit too big. {{champion:69}}. Skillspam with high AP Damage. {{champion:131}}s Q Damage and the R-reset. {{champion:114}}s Damage and Attackspeed. {{champion:39}}. The Hypertank/1-Item-Carry. {{champion:429}}s Damage. {{champion:55}}s Kit. Skillspam, extreme high AP Damage and a free 15 sek. CD Passive. {{champion:7}} " " " and extreme low CD. {{champion:76}}s Q in both forms. {{champion:58}}s Q Damage and Stun-Duration. {{champion:92}}. No Comment. {{champion:110}}s Q Damage and range. {{champion:238}}. A bit his Base Damage. Thats all. Pls don't be rude. Write what you think, which Camp you would add, and which you would delete from my list.
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