[Suggestion] How to handle leavers and AFKers in games.

Hello Riot and League community! I'm here today to make a suggestion regarding leavers and AFKers which are an extreme issue in League of Legends. This is more specifically an issue for ranked games where those types of players aren't only allowed to roam free until they do it several times, but they also punish the people they're trolling/leaving in a 4v5 situation by causing them to lose LP. **The Actual Suggestion** My suggestion here is simple, add a few functions in the game itself. First of all, take a look at DotA. I am by no means a fanboy of that game, League has been the MOBA for me since its conception, but the one thing Valve does better is handling AFKers and Leavers. The way it's done there is that if one person leaves, after a period of time the game becomes "safe to leave". This results in no penalty for any other people leaving. (_In league this would be a loss forgiven_.) That on its own will not do, ofcourse. The game does have an incorporated mechanism that keeps track of people leaving the game (_marked in red in the score screen after the game_). This is all you need to filter the games that induce a loss forgiven to everyone on the leavers' team (_save for the leaver himself, ofcourse. This person should receive a harsher penalty if anything_). Teams could abuse this in a bad game, hence for them this wouldn't apply. **AFKers?** So how would you handle AFKers? Very simple, add a function in the game that allows you to report a person as AFK. If he receives say.. 3 (_or 4!_) votes, the game checks their activity ratio. (_cs/kills/deaths/assists_) If that is below par (_for instance at the 20 minute mark that person doesn't have either 100 cs or a k/d/a that has atleast 10 points spread around the kills/deaths/assists_) or they simply haven't moved for a set period of time (_5 full minutes for instance_), they are deemed AFK and the game is a loss forgiven for all but that person. **Trolls, then?** Ofcourse, the person may be a troll! That is a little harder to handle, ofcourse. Anyone can have a bad game. Anyone can go 0/8 due to simply being camped on your lane and towerdived repeatedly. You could argue for a "troll" button right beside the "afk" one but that can easily be abused by people that are simply salty because someone is having a bad game (_and let's be honest here, most of the community flames on a daily basis_). That's why the after-game report function is still there. However if such a report comes through that game should be evaluated in detail (_either by actual people or the system itself, again_) they should definitely be handled faster and be more likely to result in a loss forgiven if the person actually did intentionally feed. A person that locks a second jungler because he didn't get his mid and -visibly states so in the chatlogs-? Loss forgiven, that person is out to troll, that much is obvious. **Closing words** This entire suggestion has been sparked forth by the oh-so-manieth AFKer, troll or leaver I've encountered while laddering. It might happen from time to time, certainly. But to see these people escape judgement while they either caused promo games to fail, or people to stop with league entirely (_my friend is actively looking to quit because of people like that_) is something I simply cannot keep tolerating. League of Legends is supposed to be a fun experience for everyone, there should be harsher treatment for those that seek to ruin other people's fun. You're not meant to play this and feel bad after a game, you're meant to play this game and enjoy yourself. You can get annoyed by losing a game, but annoyance caused intentionally by other people is NOT okay, not in video games, not in real life, nowhere. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a good day! **EDIT**: Some people made valid points as to the cs/kill part and I overlooked the fact the game also takes note of important things such as damage dealt/healing done etc etc. Rather than monitoring the cs and k/d/a for activity, monitoring those statistics instead would probably work better.
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