Suggestion: Random skin upon champ selection

Hi all! :) Just an idea I have had for a long time, figured it was time to put it up. I searched for the idea but couldn't find anything, but if it has been suggested before, then of course that idea belongs to the person. With so many good skins out for each champs, it can sometimes be hard to choose which skin you want to wear for that match, especially if you got more than 1 skin for a champ. My suggestion is to add a "**?**" page (like the skin page you flip through to pick the skin to wear on your champ) Just a simple "**?**" If you select it, the game will randomly pick among the skins you own for that champ. Which skin it picked, you will first find out in the loading screen. In addition, perhaps add a little tick box so you can exclude skins, you do not like to be part of the random selection. I am sure some people have received mystery skins, that they do not like at all, so a feature that adds a way for you to decide which skins will be randomly picked. Would be awesome I believe. Ideas are welcome. _Suggestions by others:_ * Include Chrome Packs in the random skin selection. By PhaseLotA
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