[SUGGESTION] did someone steal your account???

Considering the amount of scam/phishing sites, hacking attempts, fraudulent activity and the community size, Riot, PLEASE, implement a mobile phone authentication asap. We really need it. - it's secure and reliable (the attacker would need to steal the phone, which is in 99,99999% of cases impossible) - it completely destroys scam/phishing sites - it helps to get a better idea of the true size of the community - less work for your support employees, as stealing accounts would be near-impossible - ... You can't ignore this anymore, not when you deal with more than 60mil. accounts active every month. Many people lost their accounts and even if they get them back, many times they get banned soon after, because the attacker can use cheats or whatever... Please, show us you care about the accounts and our security. Posting a sticky thread really isn't enough anymore. People, if you agree with me, please, upvote so Riot sees this.
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