Skin Idea: Boom Box Poppy

I have an idea, a skin concept, for Poppy seeing as though she hasn't had a new skin in millennia. With her current rework I thought of one which will look amazing on her. Name: Bubble Pop Poppy OR Boom Box Poppy I got this idea when looking at her model and the way she holds her hammer. With the skin, she'll be holding an 80's boom box like she holds her hammer. In similar style to this She would use the boom box as her "hammer", cause those things are heavy as hell and could be used as thowmping weapons!. She could be wearing thin dark black shades too, blowing bubble gum as one of her animations. Her pig tails certainly gives that pop girl from the 80's feel, she could be wearing something in similar style to this Her dance animation could be her dancing to music from the boom box! :D I really feel positive about this skin for Poppy, it suits her look and style and could shine a different light on her personality. EDIT: added info
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