What is the point of such differing levels of team-mates and opponents in Normal Draft games?

Recently, I've been given a 35 game ranked game restriction, forcing me to play normal matches. Alright whatever, thats fine, I was toxic and got punished - can't really have a problem with that. What I CAN have a problem with, is in my last 10-15 normal games, the opposing team has consistently had multiple people on Plat III or above on their team, and as a lowly silver II, it's pretty frustrating to have to play against people who are just simply better than me at the game in every way. How can I be expected to win these games when I'm so obviously out-classed by my opponents? What is up with the allocations of opponents? In ranked I'll often play against like Gold VI's or III's but that's fine, matches are generally pretty close (most of the time, anyway). Why am I placed against such high opponents in comparison to me? I've even been put against multiple diamonds in normal matches. It's fucked up.
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