Mystery Skins

Mystery Gifting FAQ
Mystery Gifting allows Summoners to send their friends a surprise gift. There are two different kinds of Mystery Gifting. For 490 RP, you can send your friend a random Mystery Skin for one of the c...
"For Mystery Skins: The player receiving the gift must have at least 10 unowned skins that they are eligible to receive for champions they own." Isn't it rather bullshit that high contributers who has over 500 skins currently owned are stripped away the rights to swap mystery skins with friends just because they dont "have enough eligible skins to buy" left? I feel that high contributers that has spent a lot of money into the game should somehow be treated slightly better than free to play players but it's somehow screwed up and completly the other way around since they are punishing them for having almost all skins ingame? If the argument is, players with all skins ingame should not be allowed to mystery skin themself all new skins for 490RP. I dont see where the logic is there since they will probably wait until there are 10 new skins available and gift themself anyway? And why punish them for being high contributers? I really dont get the logic in that.
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