My idea for sated.

Atm the is alot of "fuck this item" over sated so my idea was to have it turn into like a .... ryze passive thing. we all know the current one so heres mine but first ill list what i want to happen with this item. Atm sated is a "this is complete shit" early game and "this is retarded op" late game. the idea of this is for it to still have a weak early and strong late but to have it in spikes. kind of like ryzes passive or skarners attack speed changes. Your see below that the idea behind the jungle camps stacking is to allow *good* junglers to make it impossible for an enemy sated jungle to get this *insane* powerspike. meaning that it has alot of counterplay because it could in theory never be used (like half the times i buy hourglass on a mid laner) but i want it to be a kind of.... well a ... you know when aatrox/olaf/yi ults you have that berserker bloodrage feeling? and if your the enemy adc you have that "oh shit im fucked" feeling? i want to capture that in this item but again i still want the enemy team to be able to abuse its cooldown/take camps/do whatever they can to stop you using it. now thats been said heres my idea. Devourer: ~~+50% attack speed~~ 25% attack speed ~~+30 on-hit magic damage~~ UNIQUE – DEVOURING: Takedowns (kills or assists) will grant Devourer stacks~~, increasing on-hit magic damage by +0.67. ~~ Sated Devourer: +25% attack speed ~~+50 on-hit magic damage~~ ~~UNIQUE – PHANTOM HIT: Every second basic attack will be a phantom attack that triggers on-hit effects twice.~~ Passive: Killing a Minon jungle camp (gromp, wolves, chickens, golems) will add a stack of junglers rage. (killing the same camp a 2nd time will not add an additional stack, however camps are worth x2 if they are on enemies side.) UNIQUE ACTIVE -- JUNGLERS RAGE: For the next 6 seconds the attack speed from sated devouror is increased to 100% (this is alot but its less then skarners and aatrox passive + ult and stuff but thats the idea). Auto Attacks will deal 1% of the targets current health and will stack up to 5 titmes (so a garen passive + twitch passive thing, but still alot less then vaynes 8% proc) And additionaly every on hit effect (expect sateds own) will be 1.5 times as powerful. (this is different not twice as often i mean twice as powerful. so instead of doing 2 8% blade of the ruined king procs it be 1, 12% proc) Please feel free to comment below unless its (this is so stupid), if its stupid. point out why? give examples? ect ect. (if your name begins with spade and you spend more time on the forum then playing im looking at you because you have a habit of this)
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