(Relatively) Extensive Tahm Kench Summoners Rift Gameplay Experience (Bugs and confusion)

Just a few questions and confusions around Tahm Kench and his mechanics/abilities. Played him solid for nearly 3 days (whenever I've been online, I main support so it's a given I'll try the new champ out) and managed to hit his mastery 5 today. However, throughout playing him I've noticed a whole bunch of issues, areas of confusion and possible bugs with his kit. Play style/kit mechanic confusion #1 Garen whirlwind still hits and damages Tahm when Tahm "Devours" him. #2 Renekton/Nasus ult AOE damage still damages Tahm when inside him. #3 Wukong spin damages Tahm while inside him. #4 It's possible to stack acquired taste on Kayle while she has ult up..? #5 Tahm Kench "devour" can target and take effect on LB clone without stacks? #6 When in a cluster of minions/friendly champions/enemy champions, it's kinda hard to actually get the target of preference. I've gone to Devour a team mate on multiple occasions, only to actually get the minion behind them. Some kind of priority should be made for this. #7 Occasionally minions consumed can fire through walls..? Bugs #1 Consuming minions and then NOT being able to fire them out. #2 When two Tahm kench go for the same champion with W at the same time, I've seen it activate the skill on both, both have walked away full, but only one had the champion inside. #3 Multiple times when W won't activate or take effect on either friendly champion or minion. Suggestion time.. #1 Why should Tahms ult show up where he's travelling to, most of the time between the enemy team receiving the "Tahm inbound" ping and you actually getting to the location, they're long gone. I kinda feel it's been a missed opportunity how this ult has been realised. Would an AOE slow similar to Nunu's on the target location not make it a more viable gap closer? Like a whirlpool for him to come out of that means not everyone will have got to the other side of the rift before you appear? #2 Tahm should be able to Q a friendly champion then W to grab them from a distance, providing nothing blocks the Q. It's pointless walking in to devour a champ when they're over faced as it tends to just put yourself in a weak position, leaving you vulnerable should the dodgey and not always accurate W ability not work. #3 Potentially, and this is just to throw it out there, add in a % max life gain on Tahms W when consuming an enemy champion? For example, the enemy champion takes 32% max life @ level 5 W. So Tahm gaining for example, half of that? 16% of his Max health, would allow him more sustain in fights. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking forward to hearing back any feedback on this post, I genuinely enjoy Tahm as a champion, much like I did Bard, despite how many other players seem to feel about him. I've seen PBE patch notes for damage/CDR buffs to his kit? However I feel some of the above are greatly missed opportunities, which could turn some mediocre mechanics and play styles into ones that will make people sit and think, "damn, I wouldn't mind trying that". It's all fun and games stunning people forever with Q, but I do feel like his kit could be slightly improved, beyond simple damage and CDR changes! Thanks SmAs
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