[Suggestions] Taric's Shatter (W) change, Riot please Read.

{{champion:44}} at the moment is underplayed, and there's a reason for that. **Wich is: the other supports kit are better.** He doesnt need any stats tunning. And the best thing on his kit is his stun. But backfires a lot. Like everyone says, what {{champion:44}} will do, throw a stun at me!?. He needs a bit more control. Like {{champion:201}} for example. And {{champion:201}} best thing is, he perma slows you. Even if you have everything on cooldown, he still can support you by slowing the enemy. And by playing {{champion:44}} , after you using Stun, theres nothing you can do, to help defending or atacking. What should be changed to help him botlane and teamfights. Just a simple change to his Shatter (W). Add a new thing to his Shatter (W), for example: **Active: Shatter also Slows the enemy in the Area by %.** I dont know how much should be, could make it scale with armor, since hes the armor guy. With this change, he gains a bit more control and becomes more helpful. I Hope someone reads it and adds some feedback.
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