[DEEP SUGGESTION] Night and day cycle

Hey riot, wanna deeply improve the game during the boredom of s6 ? Well there is this mechanic in battle for wesnoth: the night and day cycle. # The principle Its a turn by turn game but it helps to understand how it works. Each turn the daytime cycle goes forward (onto 6 turns): 2 turns of day, the nightfall, 2 turns of night, the dawn. Each unit has an alignment, that benefits or not from the daytime. By example 'loyal' units deals more dmg during day but are weak at night, and remains unchanged inbetween (nightfall and dawn). Chaotic is the opposite. There are over alignments like neutral, that are unaffected by the cycle. # Implications We can imagine the cycle to last atound 10 mins. Honestly, there is much to do with this principle. Imagine it affects the fog of war, or the movespeed, not only the dmg. Imagine the cycle duration to be partially randomized, but predictable throught secondary objectives or clues. A game changing mecanic, seen nowhere else (in no other MOBA i assume). A real distinct feature for lol. Plus the SR during nightime could look visually **awesome**, like this part of the jungle with lights from gems. During night, everything is slightly darker, and the wards looks like our only hopes, with their yellow gloomy lights. Some projects spectral ambiants, some warm lights, depending their skins. Visual easter eggs appear during night, days, dawns and nightfalls. # Remarks - One could say 'i dont want to play half of my game in dark', which is not true: true night only effects during 2/6 of the game, exactly like the day which is sligtly brighter. 2/6 night, 2/6 day, 2/6 inbetween. - 'How will it affect the game ?'. Its still to riot to decide, but the affinity of one champ or a team to the day/night clycle is in my opinion very interesting. It could unlock some laning phases from dead-ends (imagine botlane combinaisons, eg; if supp and adc are opposite, during day adc here is stronger, during night supp is the best, or day+day vs night+night), it would change gank rythms, and even objectives (eg: 'you dont wanna take baron now cause your team would have baron during your weak phase', or 'you are safe from baron precisly cause of the first argument') - 'We already have balance mechanics: ap vs ad, tanks vs dmg'. I agree, and note its nor a replacement, nor a redundant copy. The point is it changes (and even inverts) over time. On short range, if you compare it to builds who affects the team in one direction over an entire game duration. See that as the current Ryze or Gnar mechanic, but with champs that reacts on a common timer (a gain of game readability on that point). Now we talk about tanks/dmg, ap/ad, maybe they could be affected by this cycle in some way? Like ad bonus during day (cause more light helps to aim precisely ?) and ap bonus during night (because moon, stars and magical stuff, whatether ?) # I would conclude Still, i think it worth thinking. Because its visually epic (cant wait to see a nighfall that looks like autumn, and night/dawn ganks, or pro matches streams), because it can brings very funny mechanics (just think beyond classsic alignments: a champ that is better during dawn and nightfall..?, movespeed/vision/range bonuses?). Because wtf pros might do with that ? And finally because its distinctive (not like chroma packs which is a copy of what the other mobas do, or the SR visual update, as nice as she really is), something that could mark a signature to lol.
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