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Hello. I have a question about new ranked system. Im playing lol for several years, every season im being placed/climb up to platinum. I main jungle/support. Back in the day, I used to play about 70% of games as jungle, 25% as support, 5% random lanes (when noone gave me mine) So, obviously, I select prim as Jungle, sec as Support in this shiny new champ select. And I end up playing 10 ranked games as support. And I really cant influence the game that much. And im placed to Silver 3 (though I played at plat 1 some day) Im okay with that, course i know i can climb back, but only in case im allowed to play my primarily role at least 50% of time. At this moment its 0 (zero) % I mean, seriously, guys. I cant even pick support role as secondary (and i like supporting) course I wont play anything else other than support. If there IS such a big problem with people who dont wanna play support at all - remove this option in champion select and make it random (1/5 odds), and simply make penalty for dodging really hard. I mean, I like my roles, I wanna play them as I always was. And for some weird reason I cant. This kinda situation had to be obvious when u designed new matchmaking system, in my humble opinion. Thanks for your time.
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