There should be an update for Pulsefire Ezreal.

Instead of writing lots of paragraphs i will just make 1 detailed one to save you your time. {{summoner:6}} I think that back when Pulsefire {{champion:81}} was created the team working on the skin wasn't as big as it is now and from personal experience I think that this skin lacks in features. When the skin reaches its full armament level, {{champion:81}} can fly for a couple of seconds, instead I think that this skin should have a toggle feature similar to what 'Dj Sona' has so if i were to press Ctrl+5 at full armament level {{champion:81}} should constantly fly and have his skills blend in with his flying mode (e.g. using Q whilst in flying mode to give a nice fluent effect). I personally think that having Pulsefire {{champion:81}} having a toggle-able flying mode to be a great idea, don't know about you guy's or gal's :) Here's some quotes on Ultimate skins: 'While ultimate skins come with a higher price tag, these skins offer up an **intensely** reimagined version of the champion that adds something** completely brand new** to the game.' (SOURCE: 'An ultimate skin is a complete **reimagining** of a champion that includes an **evolved model** and **additional features** and **bonuses**' (SOURCE: At this moment in time I just feel that this skin is just {{champion:81}} with a different armour and some spell effects and I don't feel like this skin is '**intensely reimagined**' at all. {{champion:81}}{{item:3070}}{{item:2050}} **What do you think about the current Pulsefire Ezreal? What would you change/add? **
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