Suggestions about Supports

Support is regarded as the worst role in LOL. This is can easily be tested by joining a ranked game with Primary (Not Support) and Secondary (Support) which will lead inexorably to 20 games in a row as Support. Additionally, Supports generally end the game about 15% lower XP and gold than other players, get very little praise for their healing/warding/CCing role and plenty of vitriol for failing in these duties. I play most roles equally and I often get applause if I go 17/8/2 with Master Yi, but I never, ever get applause for ending a Soraka game 0/0/38. Also, the expectation has become for Supports to expend their resources on warding because... erm... 'well because they're Supports and never do anything'. All that said, Support caters to certain kinds of players. Possibly those who (like me) often struggle with mechanics or aggressive play and prefer a role which can avoid some of these challenges. Or players with bad ping. Or maybe even people who just like helping out. *** All very well, but what can be done to make Support more popular? Indeed, to stop it being seen as the worst position? The solution is not to give Support any of the kind of advantages which would make Support more likely to carry the game. If this was done, people would play Support with no intention of supporting, which kinda defeats the point of the role. I used to play a lot of Natural Selection, an indie team-based shooter where one team had a single commander and 5 soldiers who did their bidding. The commander got no kills, carried no games and acted in many ways with the same philosophy as Support in LOL. In Natural Selection, the commander got to give out weapons upgrades. Could we give supports that kind of power, like Zilean's XP? Could they have low level Ohmwrecker powers on their low-end items? Could dropping a ward gain you 5 Gold, rewarding those who buy warding items and use them. Could support items include catch-up technology which gives them extra XP if they have fallen too far behind the team's most fed champion? Or the average team level? Can they be given items which allow them to target an objective, the destruction of which gives the team more Gold? This would certainly change their role from being perceived as Support to being perceived as Commander. Thanks!
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