Thornmail upgrade suggestion

Hello! **Intro:** I would like to speak about Thornmail {{item:3075}} for a moment. While I don't think the current version of the Thornmail is useless, I do feel it's a bit underpar when comparing to other items like Randuin's Omen {{item:3143}} or Frozen Heart {{item:3110}}. Why? Cause these other items have a better special benefit (ability) and provide roughly the same armor as Thornmail. Their prices accurately reflect this. **Problem** Now, when in a game, against a normal team you will probably never take Thornmail, and that's fine. But even against a full AD team the benefits of the other 2 items arguably hinder the abilities of enemy ADs better than Thornmail. So even when against the team it was meant against, most people (including me) will get Randuin or Frozen Heart first and only consider Thornmail after. **Reason** Thornmail in itself offers survivability only in the form of Armor, where as Randuin gives you a significant amount of HP, a nice a passive and a nice active. Same with Frozen heart, not only armor, but mana sustain and CDR. Both debuff the enemy team, while Thornmail is only for you. Thornmail's damage feedback sadly becomes insignificant because of Magic Resist, and cause the people you are targeting, probably have huge amount of lifesteal from: {{item:3072}} or {{item:3153}} or {{item:3074}} . They basically heal more, than you damage them, cause of the MR and Lifesteal together. So all you are doing is not letting enemy ADs heal up on you. **Suggestion** Give Thornmail an active or a bonus passive (for maybe even an increased cost). Example active: **Bleed out:** UNIQUE, For 5 seconds any enemy Champion that hits you with a basic attack recieves a grevious wound for 3 seconds. Cooldown: 120 secs Example passive: ** Blood rights:** UNIQUE, Enemy champions cannot lifesteal from you. Well that's about it, I hope someone actually considers it.
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