Blind Pick.

If I have said it once, I have said it a million times. Blind pick is the most insanely toxic system ever. For a start, there is no accepted or agreed upon method of picking your roles. People instalock and claim because they locked in first they are entitled to the role, where as others state their preferred role and then lock in. This simply causes a ton of arguments, verbal abuse and disharmony amongst the team. I don't see why the hell everyone should pick their champion at the same time. It's dumb and counter-intuitive. Instead, the picking phase should be similar to that of a draft pick. Now, don't remove the 'blind' aspect. That's actually quite fun, but don't have EVERYONE pick at the same time. Or, introduce a system similar to team picker/dynamic queue where you have to select your role before going into champ select. Heck, even then you could have everyone pick at the same time. Just seems so dumb to have all these 'players who are nice to teammates win 31% more games' appear before games, but when the system directly creates a negative environment it's a matter of '/muteall' the moment the game loads. I know nothing is going to get changed due to one post, but can't beat having a little rant when the game is so retardedly broken.
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