Ping Volume - Sound Settings

In the game we all have encountered impatient and anxious team mates that make us unplug the speakers for excessive pinging. Recently I found the magic of muting pings which is available in sound settings so I could survive the catastrophe and still hear me die or sometimes kill steal. Pre HUD update, ping mute worked but ping Volume slider never worked for me, however after the update I am at a total handicap forced to hear people going at 100 pings per second and muting the person has not helped. First, since it is a feature to adjust volume or entirely mute the pings, like all other ambient, it should work. Second, I present the idea of a ping filter. If a person pings several consecutive pings at approximately one spot and filter is on at target client, only one sound should be heard. About mini map, ripple is a good way to catch attention, but a tsunami clutters vision, so there should be one ripple and rest could be symbols with no ripple. I hope this can bring peace to the game and our ears as pings have ability to win the game or provoke massive flame.
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