Moderation for in-game chat rooms

The aim of this suggestion is to request a possible way to moderate the in-game chat rooms. We represent a large gaming community called The Chaos Vanguard which has a league of legends division. As of now league of legends offers little to none in-game clan support to existing communities and clans. Communities are important to the game as they provide a friendly environment for players to come together, form teams, play organized games, as well as provide voice communication support. However currently, it is impossible to represent a 1000+ member community through in-game teams and friend lists alone. Whilst we do use teamspeak and our website to provide members with a place to gather, we also make use of in-game chatrooms. Due to the nature of communities, there will always be people who are unwanted or have been removed. The removal from our website however, does not prevent them from re-joining and flaming the current chatrooms, leading to constant chatroom changes and moving hundreds of members from one to the other. The reason some people get removed is because we strive to create a fun, non hostile enviroment for our members. We have a trial period that emphasises the point that we're letting in the right people, though sometimes people fail their trials for consistent negativity towards other members and once removed they continue to cause issues within our in-game chat room. Because of our size we need an in-game chat room to function properly and it helps the process of inviting members to games and the general lol conversations. Any sort of system with a hierarchy where there is a room owner or creator who could assign additional moderators would improve this system and make it easy to use. In conclusion, we love the fact we can have in-game chat rooms with the ability to invite from that, but if given the opporunity, we would greatly appreciate some way to control who we let into our chat room as it would make our community experience much more controlled to ensure a friendly enviroment. Thanks for your time, CV Sephx Representing - [](

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