[Suggestion] Champions / Announcer Language Voice/Sound Setting

Picture would probably explain the most [picture](http://puu.sh/nxSDj.png) (just a fast edit to show) You change. You patch. Done Since having another sound on champion does not impact your performance. But the text part would since you need to know what the items says. (if you have tried changing your locale you now what I mean) and using 3rd party programs to change sound/voice for you can be risky since you don't now what that programs actually does. and changing files yourself can result in corrupted files. I'm a fan of Anime (Japanese Cartoon) #Weeb. I love some of the voice actors from JP. and since the JP client future's a lot of the voice actors I love, I want to be able to change the sound from settings and not manually via the folders.(that can result in corrupted files) (sorry for bad English)
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