Lucian Balancing

I feel like his W right now isn't useful and his ultimate is too powerful So I'm thinking Riot should shift his power and nerf it a little bit: The Culling - R, should probably deal less damage in the start of it and it would increase damage dealt to the target by the abilty for every bullet landed on him, for example: Same ratios Deal 50% Damage in the start, inscreased up to 110%/120%/130% in the last bullet Champions Below 50% HP will always get 100% of the damage with no changes Ardent Blaser - W, should get a buff: - A 25% Total AD Ratio - The movement speed from it should scale with the ammount of hits done but in a way it caps: 40 for first hit, 30 for second hit, 20 for thirdhit and 10 for last hit - Hitting enemies with Lightslinger while marked with Ardent Blaser will add 2 seconds to the total coldown reduction of Relentless Persuit Reletless Persuit - E, should get a nerf, in compesation for the reduction CDR - 19/18/17/16/15 Second Coldown 45% CDR, so you don't have to calculate - 10.45/9.9/9.35/8.8/8.25 Shifting the power to his W will make players use the E W combo more, actually use W for something but Lightslinger and make is mobilty more balanced :)
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