League of Legends Wish List!

{{champion:74}} - Say old friend! Do you know what we need in the Stores of League of legend? {{champion:36}} - "SLuuurp" Mundo dunno... Mundo wants Christmas! {{champion:74}} - Ah yes! The joy of the season! So that's why i have been thinking about something very special! {{champion:36}} - SPeCial? What is it huahaha?! {{champion:74}} - A Wish List! {{champion:36}} - Mundo does not know what is? {{champion:74}} - Ah doctor! A wish list! Imagine you really really want to buy that Snowdown Bard, or that Snowdown syndra, or a another Champion to play with! or anything avalible from the store... but you have already spend all your RP somewhere else... {{champion:36}} - Aww.... Mundo sad.... mundo wants... but cant have... {{champion:74}} - But thats it! what if you could add them to a Wish List! and whoever would share in the spirit of giving would come to you and give them to Mundo! {{champion:36}} - Mah! Mundo Happy! Mundo likey!!! {{champion:74}} - It is extremely good if you dont know what to get the person! {{champion:36}} - MUNDO WANTS POOL PARTY MUNDO!!! {{champion:74}} - Yes yes... all that and more! ... You can add all the skins you want! and there could be a reward system for buying the skins for people who wished for them! You can earn up points to earn things such as IP... RP Discounts... or whatever the developers feel like offering... tis' the season to be giving and receiving! {{champion:36}} - Mundo go now... Mundo go tell EVEryOne that you have good idea!!! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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