"Match Found" Closing Shop and etc.

I speak for myself when I say that i get really annoyed when I am waiting for a match for quite some time, I decide to browse the shop for some sales or for some Runes.... and then when &quot;Match Found&quot; appears, That&#039;s great! I&#039;m finally going to play! But then either someone doesn&#039;t accept, or decline, and then the whole thing Restarts and it brings me to the main menu... And then again i have to open everything up, search for where i was at, and see where i lost track... But what about having that changed? What about not closing the Shop, or the Lore when we are reading just because someone decided not to accept a match? we should be able to continue what we are doing without having to be interrupted and then closed, with nothing to win, except lost time having to start all over again. Please upvote :D {{summoner:31}} ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT 1: Thanks for all the support guys, I haven't posted a suggestion in like half a year and this occurred to me, and i thought i would attract some attention but this much love? thanks alot guys :D it means alot <3 ... i hope Riot will see this ^^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT 2: Almost 4 days have past, no response from the Riot Community... but we'll wait it out :) ... i just hope they'll read this in due time, since everyone is agreeing with me ^^ ... almost 130 upvotes in the "Suggestions & Bug Reports" is something good right? :D Keep fighting Community :D {{champion:36}} --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT 3: .... 18 days have pasted since this post has appeared and gone insane in the upvotes.... we had the 1st place in the Hot leading board..... but... it pains me to say this but....Riot.. to joke around on kindred's post of Q&A and all.... making jokes about eating pizza and all... i just dont understand why they shun us.... i mean.... is it cause we're in the EUW!? ... i mean atleast the posts in NA get atleast a bit more recognition.... i mean what's the point in having these community groups when no one cares about them... It's good to know that you are more interested in the funding in the games, popping out new skins all the time... yet you do not heed our call and our words.... please.... just please.... give us a chance for our words to mean something.
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