The "dodging a queue" penalty

Nowadays people leaving queue get a punishment. I find this rather okay, because it costs other people time aswell. But here is the downside. People that troll and make other people leave, get away without a punishment! This is far from fair or logical. Riot wants to punish people that make the game less pleasant right? Well how about this for ranked (cause normals are for trying out stuff etc, so that makes it harder to say someone really trolls.)? People can choose to kick a teammember if he or she trolls. This is how it works: 1. A person can only start 1 vote, if this vote fails nothing happens. 2. The whole team needs to be in agreement with kicking the person that they have on their team. If this isn't the case, the person who got a vote on him won't be kicked and there can't be another vote on this person. Nor can the person who made the vote happen, vote for another person again. 3. BUT here is the catch. We got the premade problem, right? Well this is easy to be solved. If 1 person of the premade combo gets a vote, because he trolls, the other premade can't partcipate in the vote. If the premade gets kicked, he or she gets a penalty and lp loss AND so does his/her partner. Maybe this could help us in ranked? Ofcourse it is really small and I don't see all problems, but hopefully you guys can help me with that. :)
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