Jax ultimate skin "elemental Jax" or "Jax the master at 4 elements"

I juts have an idea and wanted to share it with RIOT staff about the next ultimate skin. Why not make an ultimate skin for Jax , since he's one of the most powerfull champions and he dominated the league from season 1 to season 4 and he's back again on season 6 stronger than ever. And he's an old champion and he deserve more than any champion an ultimate skin. the theme of skin is about the elements and each element with visual effect :) , let's call it "Jax the master of 5 elements" or "Jax the master of 4 elements" and these elements include "Wind" "Fire" "earth" "Water" If you consider my idea to seriousness i might draw something , and if you do not consider it please take about make a legendary skin "1850RP" for jax. It's really sad to see champion's like Teemo having a legendary and Jax don't have one
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