Buff XinZhao and Nerfed Ryze

Dear Rito , are you out of idea's ? Did you know that Xin Zhao was strong as hell and he needed a nerf ? and you just buffed him ? Did you know that Ryze don't need to be nerfed because his winrate is not that high ? I don't know who make decision's about the gameplay balance **(maybe a challenger player ? but it doesn't mean challenger can have better idea's than other low devision players)** but really ? just put XIN Zhao vs Ryze in toplane and watch results , ryze don't even have 0.01% to win and Ryze lategame suck's now and his early is pretty weak. and Jax nerf wasn't a bad idea , even if i main Jax now maybe the white walkers would stop spamming my favorite champion just because of 1 item rework {{champion:24}} > **"A true jax main don't need gunblade or a real weapon to 1v5 his enemies"** Now i came to the conclusion that riot just buffing/rework on champion "x" then nerf nerf nerf and none play him anymore then go to another champion buff buff nerf nerf nerf nerf and none play him. Kassadin as example , you deleted his silence on Q but if you just turned his Q to a skillshot .... And let's not talk about "dominion delete" i will flash that part {{summoner:4}} it's absolute trash idea. Meanwhile , Riot games please ... before you ever do some changes think about it 100 times ... don't ruin this game. Thank you
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