Riven's mobility

Let's face it Riot, Riven's mobility combined with a stun and a knock-up = broken. Yes, admit it. I am not crying about anything, I want to share a few ideas I come up with; not to nerf her damage, but her incredibly annoying mobility. 1. The first and the second Q will not work as a dash anymore. She deals damage around her, **spinning** instead of dashing; her 3rd Q remains unchanged. This way, she will need to actually use E to come close to the enemy, then combo, allowing the enemy to react. 2. Additional passive: any crowd-control effect lasts 50% more on Riven(or start with a lower/higher value and increase/decrease it by level). Example: Riven gets snared, the original duration of the snare being 1 second. With the passive, Riven will be snared for 1.5 seconds. 3. Increase Q's cooldown if Riven hits no enemy champion. Example: Riven casts Q once, not hitting any enemy; now she'll have to wait the double of the usual time she needed to cast Q again. Now Riven casts Q again, with no hit enemy champion again; the same thing happens. If Riven "misses" all of her 3 Q's, the cooldown will be doubled. This way she wouldn't be able to Q>Q>Q>E to escape so easily, as it will be quite like Kassadin casting ult 3 or 4 times. 4. **Give her a mana bar.** That's all of it. I would like everyone's thoughts about this, with relevant arguments. Also, do **you** have any ideas?
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