The League of Boring Passives

Hi guys and girls. I've been thinking about some of League's more boring passives, and I believe that Riot should be doing something to make them more interesting. In recent months we have received a ton of new champions with really interesting passives. Some champions even had too many passives (***ahem, Yasuo and Azir***). This is great, but it leaves a lot of older passives seeming dull and dry. Shyvana and Wukong being two great examples of this, with their passives only granting base stats. To a lesser extent we have champions like Fiddlesticks and Talon who's passives don't do all that much to define their role as a champion. As an example of the kind of changes I propose I will use Wukong. Wukong is based on Sun Wukong from Buddhist literature, Sun Wukong is naturally a trickster, he is fast, and is known to be a little cocky and fond of jokes. Any one of these traits could be capitalized on. For example, to enhance the feel of Wukong's natural quickness, you could add a passive similar in concept to Ryze's new passive (Which I love by the way). The passive would likely involve a window of opportunity for Wukong to be much more effective than usual, that lasts for only a short time, as the rest of Wukong's kit is mostly based on quick trades that are difficult to fight back against. As for Shyvanna, I admittedly do not play very much of her. But possibly add a movement speed buff while moving towards enemy champions who are marked with Flame Breath. Tl;dr: There are quite a few champions with passives that are no longer interesting, and I think Riot should update them to better define the champion to whom they are attached.
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