A new consumable

Fortification Extract (600 gold) UNIQUE Active: Upgrades all damaged turrets granting them 1000 damage shield and +2000 health over the course of 25 seconds (_80 health every second_) whilst lowering damage to enemy Champions by 10% (_increasing by 1% for each hit up to a maximum of 5% equaling to a total of 15%_) to enemies hit. Towers also deal 5% of their damage as true damage (_increasing by 1% for each hit up to a maximum of 5% equaling to a total of 10%_) to enemies hit. **This effect only applies to turrets guarding an inhibitor or Nexus.** **This effect can only occur once every 5 minutes.** **This item may only be used once per player every game.** **This item can only be used after 30 minutes of the game has passed.** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The item will be located in the Consumables category of the shop. The idea behind this is to give players who made a small mistake that might have led to the loss of the game to have a chance to repair that mistake before it's too late.

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