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So Riot removed Ranger's Trailblazer from the game, and this is a petition to get it back! %22 /%3E%3Cmeta property=%22og:locale%22 content=%22en_US%22 /%3E%3Cmeta property=%22og:image%22 content=%22http://d22r54gnmuhwmk.cloudfront.net/public/img/default-petition-f42367a6
So i know that the patch notes came a while ago, and i wanted to talk about the removal of _Ranger's Trailblazer_ (Purple jungle smite upgrade item). I am not relly sure why did the item got removed in the first place, and i beleve it's one of a few bad choises that Riot made when doing the Preseason 6 changes. The removal of Ranger's Trailblazer has made a lot of impact on Season 5 jungle, and made some before veird jungle picks good and working. It also made some junglers with low clear speed or bad clear in general more playeble and fun. Some of them are: Gragas {{champion:79}} Evelynn{{champion:28}} Sejuani{{champion:113}} Rammus {{champion:33}} Fiddlesticks {{champion:9}} Nidalee {{champion:76}} Sion {{champion:14}} And alot more, but these are just a few i got on top of my head. And another very important thing is that the Ranger's Trailblazer didn't effect bad on any of the games, of made some champs broken or overpovered. _It did help alot to get those Sated Devaurer stacks with Udyr and Warwick much more faster tough :3_ But still didn't give them the ability to oneshot people with auto attacks Now that Ranger's Trailblazer has been removed, we get back to getting killed by the red buff with Evelynn... And it made the jungle stail again, with just a couple of ''good'' (In-Meta-Junglers) be able to survive. So i want to start a petition, with a 100.000 signatures, so if you see this share it with everyone you know, maybe we can get Riot to give us Ranger's Trailblazer back? Petition link: http://adf.ly/1S2yWe Thank you and have good luck in yoloQ {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} P. S. Exuse if i have any spelling mistakes, my English isen't perfect yeat, but im trying :)
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