Why exactly is there no african server? (Would love an answer from a rioter)

Remember, I don't know what's happening on, so that's why I'm asking this question. Why exactly is there no african server? (Would love a direct answer from a RIOTer.) Today, I logged on Twitch and was watching some streams. Ranked was disabled, and the whole twitch chat in Santorin's stream was talking about the ping difference. Someone said he had 20-30 ping and he now has 70 ping and he noticed a really big difference. A lot of players are basically saying the same thing. The only problem here is, here in Africa I play with a 120 ping all the time. Why exactly was a Chicago Server made before an african one? Why a turkey server before an African Server? *Sad feelings* One second before I post this, Santorin reads the notification (Testing is still in progress. Ranked queues are re-enabled at this time. Only a small percentage of games will be routed to the new server for testing, so you may not see a difference in ping.) then says: 'So you say I'm going to play with Eighty Ping? Thank you Riot. Thank you. *Goes back to playing Rocket League* (Tells someone in the house) Eighty ping dude....
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