Pizza Deliverer Sivir & Pizza Baker Yorick

My friend (_SA Entorio_) and I had a idea for 2 new skins Pizza Deliverer Sivir and Pizza Baker Yorick. Our ideas for Sivir are as following: {{champion:15}} becomes a pizza deliverer, her blade is is a pizza box and when she basic attacks or uses Q/W she would throw a pizza box. Her E and R don't change (suggestions below). When Sivir recalls she jumps on a scooter and drives away. And for Yorick we had the following ideas: {{champion:83}} becomes a pizza baker, his shovel becomes a pizza spatula and his lantern becomes a order list. His Q ghoul becomes a mini pizza baker with a rolling pin. His W ghoul becomes a mini pizza baker with a pepperoni stick and his E ghoul becomes a mini pizza baker with a ladle. Every ghoul gets it own color so you can tell them apart. When Yorick recalls he throws a pizza in the air from his pizza spatula and the pizza lands on his head. Leave other suggestions below and leave feedback so we can mabye make a drawing of this idea. EDIT: All of Yoricks ghouls would have a different color. (Thanks to _Skarner or Feed_) EDIT: Instead of pizza's flying out of the boxes, she only throws boxes. (Thanks to _Skarner or Feed_) EDIT: Instead of the scooter animation on Sivirs R, the recall animation would get the scooter animation. (Thanks to _rAafu4_)
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