Talon at the moment?

Hello, I've been playing this game for quite a while. And I really like the opportunities that allows you to think and make tactics also that allows you to learn controlling your rage. This game would be great but there are also a lot of things that I just can't stand in it. I main Talon and he is the champion that fits my style. That's the reason why I learnt him. But right now and actually the most of the time since Black Cleaver nerf he always had some space in his gameplay. And thats what I want to talk about. Firstly he already have one of the worst early games and laning is really hard with him. Especially when we have those "balanced" champions like Ekko or Yasuo that has more than enough in their kit and list would go on but these two are harderst match up in my opinion. His damage is a joke especially on W. His E skill is basically useless though it is the only way to engage on enemy also it has ridiculously high cooldown as for core skill of the kit. His ult in current state is escape but most of the time you need it for damage and since most of new champions and the ones who are picked a lot now have tons of crowd control and with new items they also are able to get mobility buffs so these 2,5 sec of invisibility and movement speed ain't anything too good for escaping (ghostblade is the only way to actually get real escape). By the way in patch 5.22 they nerfed his late game with that last whisper change 35% armor penetration to 40% bonus... Black cleaver might stack penetration but his kit doesn't go to well with it... It is made to burst.. So in my opinion riot could make him one shot assassin that basically guarantees death of an squishy enemy. Giving back silence to his E and making it 2 sec at all ranks would make him just perfect one target killer who punishes players for being out of possition or overextending and in teamfights he would be a tool to shut down adc or any other squishy carry. Anyway when he uses his combo most of the time you are useless since all skills are on cooldowns. Might become harder to counter but c'mon be honest he is a squishy assassin and his only escape is R btw if you fail combo with him you're pretty much dead or gonna get punished hard. Or riot could make 200+ new items with unique passives/actives and specs and maybe around 50 new summoner spells making league of legends a differend game where thinking would be biggest part of game and styles of playing champions would be expanded massively And there would be almost no need to balance any champion since items would do the work. But anyway all in all I think Talon is a great champion but he just feels unfinished. He lacks something. It could be damage/utility/mobility etc.. But he's not full.
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