It's an In-game beep. Kind of like the sound you get when you hear a ping, but it isn't, it's more of a Dull chime. It feels like a warning or something i should take notice of, but for life of me, i can't see anything on the minimap, on my procs, on my ability's or anything else. It happens across Multiple champs as well. I have ZERO idea where it's coming from, and it's seemingly random. Wth is this? It's driving me insane. On a non jokey point: I'm on the boarder of quitting playing for a bit until i can figure it out, cause it's throwing my game off badly and it's annoying as hell. I had it happen 3 times in quick succession when i was mid lane on lux, I became paranoid about it and eventually backed just "in case". :S I've also had it happen in BOT only customs where i tried to recreate it. STILL have no idea. Please can anyone tell me what this is?
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