[Bug] Possible bug with Rek'sai Q?

**Server**: EUW **Type of bug**: Ingame **Description**: If you unburrow while pressing Q with Rek'sai you gain 4 empowered attacks instead of 3 **Video**: None yet, will try to upload it soon **Reproduction steps**: 1. Burrow 2. Navigate right below the enemy 3. Basic attack to unburrow, press Q during the unburrow animation and the keep basic attacking. **Expected result**: Rek'sai should do an extra Q attack **Observed result**: Rek'sai did the extra Q every single time this was tried. **Reproduction rate**: If you are able to time it correctly, this should happen every time you attempt to do it. **Sidenote**: I tried this in a normal game, afaik this works on jungle camps, don't know if it works on champions.

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