Gj dynamic queue

So i was starting a ranked match in dynamic queue. I select i want to play Xin Zhao. Then there is this kid who bans him. After he did that, he literally said: 'Ops, not sorry, HAHA'. Luckily some guy left champ select. So here i am, back in queue. Next match, clean with trollers? No! I AM MATCHED UP WITH THE SAME GUY.. Guess what? He banned my Xin Zhao. And again: 'Ops, not sorry, HAHA'. Again someone left that match. So, i back in queue. WTF? Again, the SAME GUY. This time he couldn't ban a champion. So i was extremely happy. I had third ban. Before i could ban, their summoner 4 was banning. He didn't lock in his ban, and the timer stopped at 0.00 seconds. So i was like: ok this game is going to be disbanded again. No? Indeed. His timer got stuck at 0.00 for like 50 seconds. And exactly at that time, I GOT KICKED FOR AFK? gg.. I love this queue Thats one lose to my promos
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