Ranked draft mode balance????

Hello.. How its possible to lose more then 10 games in row? Izzi! Play with ppl who dont cear. Simple as that.. ofc more and more.. {{item:1038}} I know there's bad days and good days. But in recent days it seems to have only bad days. Maybe it's possible make "Hard mode " "Medium mode" "Eazy mode" not only silver - gold 5 4 3 2 1 etc?? If u win 10 games in eazy mode ur able to play Medium.. if u win 10 games in medium u can play hard... And by losing 10 games in hard mode ur not able to play this mode again until u win 10 games in medium..... This will definitely increase the quality of game play.. Its not oky if players who are trying hard to get next division but they cant win one game becous of players who dont cear.. its just not oky. i hope Riot will read this and think about this..
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